Door Hanger Attachments - Animal Options

Door Hanger Attachments - Animal Options

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Our door hanger attachments can be used on our door hangers as well as our porch leaner signs.  They are the perfect addition to your porch to quickly give it that seasonal touch! This listing includes all of our Animal attachments that are available - the door hangers & porch leaners can be purchased through a different listing. 

Attachment Size: 7-8" each, professionally printed

Each piece of wood is 1-of-a-kind featuring a unique cross section of rings, swirls, and markings. Please note that no 2 pieces will appear the same. Some darker, some lighter but that is the beauty of showcasing this beautiful wood.

Please keep in mind that colors may vary depending on your monitor or phone screen and may vary slightly from the actual product colors. Images / designs may vary slightly from the photos due to each item being made to order just for you.

Made in the USA!